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Two Basic yet Crucial Requirements to Receive DIC Claims for Widows

  • July 14, 2020

We all know the sacrifices our soldiers give for their country, but there are some underlying sacrifices we often miss out on. These are the ones given by their families to help their loved ones serve the nation. Whether it is a son, brother, a father, or a spouse, it is very hard to let the soldier go out for war. If a veteran is martyred in a battle or passes away, their widows should get the necessary support from the DVA in terms of DIC claims.
But before the spouse applies for the DIC Claims for Widows, one must know the essential requirements for the entitlement. Have a look at these requirements before one becomes eligible to claim it:

Prove that you are the spouse of the veteran: This includes that one should be either married to the soldier or be in a “deemed valid” marriage. One must show that she has been married for a year and also that she has continuously lived with the person for the length of the marriage. In addition to this, it is also crucial to note that one must not be remarried after the death of the veteran.

The soldier must have died from service-connected conditions: Another essential thing to note is that the service-connected disability contributed to the death. These might be the exact reason for death but these can be contributory factors to the death. If this is proved, the widow can get the claim.

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