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Understand the Multiple Benefits of DIC Claims for Spouses

  • August 11, 2020

Multiple benefits are given to survivors, especially the spouse of the deceased veterans and active-duty members. These perks are usually paid via cash, bringing ease to the survivors. Some of these are only available for low-income families and others are the ones based on the service-connected disabilities of the veteran. These cash specific advantages for survivors include accrued disability compensation benefits, dependent indemnity compensation, generally called DIC, and death pension.

For a few of the veterans’ deaths, this DIC Claims for Spouses is automatic and gets recognition by the regional office from records and death certificates. The surviving spouse will get an application to apply for the perks like death pension and accrued disability compensation others.

Dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC) benefits are for survivors of service members. Majorly, those who were killed on active duty & for survivors of veterans who died from service-connected disabilities. Or it can also include those who had a 100% disability rating for some time before death.

DIC or dependency and indemnity compensation privileges are for the survivors of veterans who died from service-related disabilities or possessed a 100% disability rating over some time before death and service members who were killed on active duty. If the veteran spouse passed away while her/his claim for disability benefits was pending and the comp claim is approved, you are entitled to accrued disability benefits, which are because of the deceased veteran. However, you won’t be receiving ongoing disability compensation payments but you will be eligible for DIC compensations.

There is a long list of eligibility requirements to avail the benefits of DIC Claims for Spouses as recommended by the professionals of Veterans Law Center. One of the essential requirements is that the lady must have married the respective veteran at least a year before his death. Consulting a reliable law firm can help one in availing the best benefit from the claims and to get better assistance from the experienced attorneys. They can help you with everything that is best for you and the child.